Tinkerer - Social Skills Class - 2 to 3 years old

Class Price

Class length


1.5 Hours

Class Schedule

Mon. - Fri.
9am - 10:30am

Social Skills Classes

The price listed below are based on the Spring Break soft launch rate for the Social Skills Classes. Once the program is formally launched in May, the price for each class will return to the rate of $45 per class. Customer's who participate in the soft launch of this program will be able to lock in the $35 rate for the remainder of 2021.

About the Class

Social skill classes that use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles to integrate much needed sensory input through play, daily activities, and a mixture of equipment (sensory gym). The programs are geared towards targeting developmental delays often present in children in the early learning stages within a group setting.

This particular class focuses on children who fall between the 2 - 3 year age range. The activities and class structure is designed to be suitable for the developmental capabilities of this age group.

Because this is a younger population, parent participation is required to help with the child's ability to adjust to the structured environment. The ultimate goal is for each participant to be able to thrive independent of parental involvement in a group setting. As such, parental participation will slowly be faded out across several classes. This process and duration of parental fading will be based on each individual learner.

Another goal is for each individual class level to experience improved response to treatment over time as a whole. Data will be collected on each individual class member's response to treatment in targeted "group - social skill" areas. The data will be used as comparison data when the activity is reintroduced again in the future. This will help us determine if changes or modifications need to be made to our program to improve the class' response to treatment as a whole.

The social skills class curriculum was created to provide developmental support across multiple learning domains. Each day of the week has a different developmental and learning focus with new activities to help practice social skills in a naturally contrived group setting with peers.

The curriculum is specifically designed to increase and improve skill deficits in the developmental areas, such as:

Fine Motor
Gross Motor
Sensory Input
Executive Functioning
Listener Responding
Expressive Communication
Visual Perception
Social and Play
Peer Interaction