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Social Skills Groups

The Behavior Toolbox has partnered with We Rock The Spectrum - Sugarland to provide Social Skills Groups for children between the ages of 3 – 17.


With a therapeutic focal point of developing social, reciprocal and communication skills within a fun and interactive environment, group participants will be placed together based on their individual age, interest and social skills needs.


Social correlation will be determined after your child has participated in a group screening, initial consultation, and initial assessment.

In addition to Social Skills Group therapy, participants will also receive supplemental individualized Focused ABA Therapy and Parent/Caregiver Training.

In an effort to ensure the most optimal treatment results, groups will be created when at least four participants, who are socially correlated, are registered for services.


In the event there are not enough participants to start a group, you have the option to receive individualized Focused ABA Therapy and Parent/Caregiver Training until a Social Skills Group is available. 

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Group Screening

Group screenings are the first step to joining a Social Skills Group.

This helps us gage how your child interacts in a novel social environment and to determine the most appropriate peers to pair with your child. This is also a great opportunity to meet us before starting services.

Confirm participants

After the group screenings are completed, we will contact each participants' parent(s) to inform them if/when we are able to add their child to a Social Skills Group with socially appropriate peers and confirm if they are still interested.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is scheduled for parent(s)/caregiver(s) who express interest in proceeding with services.


During this meeting, we will discuss the concerns which lead to seeking Social Skills Group services and potential goals for treatment.



After the consultation, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst will conduct a one-on-one evaluation of your child to identify any social and communication delays and generate a treatment plan. 

How To Join A Social Skills Group

How To Join
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