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Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

What is Early Intensive BehaviorAL Intervention?

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI), commonly referred to as Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), is an evidence‐based behavioral therapeutic treatment used to combat the developmental delays often present with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related developmental delays and disorders. 

EIBI uses therapy techniques based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to address multiple different skill deficits and behavioral excesses in a comprehensive treatment approach. Therapy typically consists of 20 - 40 hours per week of one-on-one sessions with the child and a trained therapist. Parent involvement throughout the therapeutic process is also needed to ensure the most optimal treatment results. 

EIBI has been found to be extremely effective in targeting the following areas:

  • Language and Communication Development

  • Social Skills

  • School Readiness

  • Behavior Reduction

How do I Enroll my Child in Services?

The Behavior Toolbox is now accepting clients to enroll in our in-home and community based EIBI program. We accept Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and Magellan insurance to assist with the cost of covering services. 


If you are ready to start the in-take process or want to learn more about this service, book a free initial video consultation by clicking the button below.  

How Does Community Based Services Work?

The Behavior Toolbox has partnered with We Rock The Spectrum (WRTS) - Sugar Land to provide community based ABA Therapy services at their location. This allows for parent who cannot be at home for in-home therapy to drop off their child at the WRTS - Sugar Land location to receive therapy instead.


4899 Hwy 6 Suite 205B,

Missouri City, TX 77459

This also allows us to tailor a learning environment which will gives your child access to natural social interactions with peers. In addition, it provides us an opportunity to create an enriched environment, in which we are in complete control of, with all your child's behavioral professionals, including BCBAs, working together to support the your child’s needs

 To learn more about this services process, please complete a contact us from. 

WRTS-Sugar-Land-Logo (1).png
We Provide In-Home Therapy In The Following Area of houston, TX
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