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What Is Positive Parenting Coaching?

Positive Parenting is a form of applied behavior analysis (ABA) Therapy that focuses on teaching caregivers how to use the principles of ABA to navigate parental challenges. This approach is a collaborative effort between the Behavior Treatment Team and caregiver. Optimal treatment results rely heavily on parental participation.

Through a collaborative effort, parents are educated and trained on how to implement ABA concepts based on their individualized treatment goals. Caregivers will receive on-going training and supports to assist with implementing and maintaining their unique behavioral intervention strategies.

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Parents of children with:

  • Developmental Disorders - Autism, Down Syndrome, etc.

  • Behavioral/Emotional Disorders - ADHD, Bi-Polar, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, etc.

  • Typically Developing Children

Parents who (are):

  • Struggling with raising an adolescent

  • Want to learn a Positive Parenting Approach to raising their child

  • Insurance doesn't cover ABA Therapy

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Who Would Benefit From Positive Parenting Therapy

Step 1
Initial Consultation

A formal "meet and greet" between the caregivers and their Behavior Analyst.

We will identify goals for treatment and answer any questions about our services.

Step 2
 Behavior Interview

The Behavior Analyst will conduct a behavioral interview based on the goals identified during the initial consultation. This information will be used to design a parenting curriculum plan.

Step 3
Curriculum Implementation

An individualize parent coaching curriculum will be implemented based on the results of the Initial Consultation, Behavioral Interview, and goals for treatment.

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Process To Start Services

Getting Started
Who Would Benefit?
What's Positive Parenting?
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