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Comprehensive ABA Therapy
Early Autism Treatment

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we Specialize in starting treatment as early as 18 Months

Early intervention to school readiness treatment approach

ABA Therapy focused on your child social Development

No Wait List & we accept most Major Insurances

In-Home Therapy Model

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Early Intervention Specialist

Our unique approach to early intervention is fostered with the concept of working ourself out of a job.

With the ultimate goal of transitioning your child from early intervention to attending school full-time, school readiness skills are embedded within our therapeutic treatment to prepare your child with the skills needed to thrive in a classroom setting. 

Social-Communication Development

The motto of The Behavior Toolbox is "Doing ABA The Social Way" for a reason.


Unlike most ABA providers, our therapeutic programs are heavily influenced with Social Development and Social Awareness from the start of treatment.


We believe placing a heavy emphasis on Social Communication in the beginning helps to ensure your child has the building blocks needed to excel in social situations later!!

No Wait list

We have no wait list, and are prepared to start services immediately!

In-home and Community Based Model

We bring therapy to you!


Our services are provided in the comfort of your own home. We also can provide services in a community based setting of your choice, such as a head-start school, daycare, or any location that therapy may be deem necessary for treatment.  

How Is ABA Therapy Different At The Behavior Toolbox?

Sandra N.

As a parent of a high-functioning child on the spectrum, I feel that "traditional" ABA is too rigid and formulaic.  My daughter needs opportunities to naturally interact with peers in social and community settings, under the guidance of an experienced BCBA. 


She needs opportunities to generalize her linguistic skills during conversations.  The Behavior Toolbox provides these opportunities within the framework of ABA, but without unnecessary repetition and memorization."

Amrita P.

The Behavioral Tool Box was a hit for my child on the spectrum.  My son had some growing pains initially, as expected, but Ms. LaToya, my son and I brain stormed and worked together to have a very successful week. Ms. LaToya genuinely cares for your child and adapts to create a successful program for your child. 


This is a great social group to get your child acclimated to a kindergarten setting whether neurotypical or on the spectrum. This program teaches learning to sit still, listening to your teacher, and working with other children-appropriately in a group setting. I used all the tips Ms. LaToya suggested from her BCBA expertise. 

In addition, We Rock the Spectrum was close in vicinity to my house, very accessible, friendly & professional staff, and a very clean sanitary facility.  I will definitely get a membership here. It is wonderful and refreshing to have resources for children on the spectrum.

Donyelle J.

We started the Social Skills classes during spring break with Mrs. Mosby and my son throughly enjoyed it. He asked everyday if he could go back and even made a friend.


I noticed over the week how my son even became assertive and expressed himself more. I truly enjoyed the feed back that Mrs. Mosby gave and how she focused on each child while teaching all of them at the same time.


Thank you again Mrs. Mosby for your help and time with my son. Thank you for treating him as an individual and not just another kid in a group. Thank you for recognizing that just because he is high functioning that he still needed this class. Thank you!!

Parent Testimonials 

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